Angela 12" - Human Hair Crown Volume Enhancer

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Color S03: H. Strawberry Blonde

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Meet Angela- A clip-In Crown Volume Top Piece! This hairpiece will give you the perfect "back-combed" look creating natural-looking volume on the crown area of the head. No need for extreme backcombing, heavy hair spray, or fuss!

Each hair strand is hand embedded into a scalp-like-looking screen base. This makes this hairpiece undetectable!

Length: 12 Inches

Width: 5.5 Inches

Weight: 80 Grams

  • 100% Remi Human Hair
  • Made With A Scalp-Like-Looking Screen Base
  • Can Be Colored, Heat Styled, & Washed
  • 4 Clips Made With Silicone Grips For Zero Damage & Maximum Security
  • Hand Sewn
  • No Need For Extreme Back Combing Or Hair Spray
  • Can Be Worn With Hair Up Or Down

To Use: Create a part line horizontally in the middle of your head. Clip the front hair forward so it is out of the way. Line the top of the Angela Volume Piece with the horizontal parting and wiggle the top clip in gripping some hair. Secure the clip. Keep one hand on the top of the Angela Volume Piece and slide the clip on each side towards the back of the head. Clip down. Repeat on the other side. Clip the last clip down in the back. Take the front section of the hair and place some back over the Angela Volume Piece. Blend together with a 1,2,3 motion using a hair comb & style!

To Care: Wash once every 30-40 wears using gentle shampoo & conditioner. Ensure to wash following the pattern of the hair fall. Comb out when wet & let air dry. May be blow dried & heat styled for extra volume.




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No, you cannot see the clip. This piece is built for fine-medium hair, the clip is hidden underneath a screen so that they can be placed right at the root on the crown of your hair.

This piece is unlike regular extensions, it does not need to be placed in & “covered” under a large amount of hair. This piece is designed so that the less hair you grab the more natural of a look it will provide. It is meant to sit right at the root on the crown of your hair with only a small amount of your hair over top.

No, this is a volume extension, not a length extension. It is made with volume at the top and taper out at the ends so they can blend in with any length of hair.

No, this piece is a standard length. It is made fine at the ends so that it can blend right in with your natural hair.

This piece is human hair, so it can be cut, curled, colored, & styled just like your own hair. We always say go with your base color as usually it will just blend right in because it is sitting in with some of your natural hair over top. If you plan to color it, then go with the shade closest or lighter then your shade.

Yes, of course! This piece is great for thick hair to as they will give you even more volume especially if your hair is heavy.

Yes, you may use it. Bring it to your stylist to get it cut and blended into your hair.

This pieces are meant for fine hair, however if scalp is showing it is best to use one of our topper pieces.

We recommend choosing a color closest to your roots. Your ends will be hidden under the hair piece. If you need help choosing a color please contact us through email at

Ali are smaller individual pieces that can be placed in different spots throughout the top of the hair. Angela is a “crown volume” hair piece that is meant to sit on the crown of your head to give you a more “back combed” look. Lucy is a “back volume” volumizing hair piece meant to sit right below the crown of the head to give a “rounded” shape to the back of the head. Ali can be used for the front of the hair in conjunction with Lucy & Angela if desired.

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