Southgate Free Custom Hair Consult. (In Person)

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Enjoy up to 30 minutes of a FREE custom hair consultation to address your hair needs.

In this time, we will let you know the most beneficial products for your hair type as well as address any products you are interested in. Your hair guru will also show you "in person" products so that you can visually see colours of hair extensions as an entire piece, sizes of hair pieces as well as hair accessories.

We will also answer and questions or concerns you may have regarding our life changing products!


1. Please pick an available time on the "book a time" section

2. ENSURE TO CLICK "add to cart" and checkout, it will ask you for all of your contact details you will not need to provide any payment information. If you do not do this step your appointment will not be confirmed!

3. We will contact you via email before your appointment.

We look forward to virtually meeting you!

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