2014 Hottest Spring Hairstyles & Accessories

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According to www.fashionising.com, "As the hair trends for spring 2014 insist on pointing out, the upcoming season is all about achieving a sense of effortlessness, whether through the style itself or an unexpected use of hair accessories." This is what SOHO Style is all about. We make our hair accessories to make your hair look great in a short amount of time! If you look below, you will see some examples of our SOHO Hairstyles along with SOHO Hair Accessories that fall under some of the hottest hair trends with accessories in 2014.

Flower Headbands

We do offer a few other flower headband styles, but the Elastic Headband with Detachable Sequin & Tulle Clip is more similar to the Hippie Flower Headband Trend than the others. 

SKU: 8276 | Price: $39.99/ea

Flower Barrettes

We offer different sizes & styles of Flower Barrettes. If you look below, you will see two different size single flower barrettes. The Flower Magnet Barrette can be used for a very simple & casual hair day. The Single Flower Barrette with Accent Crystals can be used for a comfortable up-do style which adds an extra flair. 

SKU: 7601 | Price: $15.99/ea
SKU: 7576 | Price: $59.99/ea

Ponytails with Gold Barrette or Gold Details

One of our very popular ponytail extensions is Christy (18 Inch w/ Wrap Around). Christy can be worn in a high or low ponytail. Decorate it with one our newest product, the Magnetic Ponytail Charm Barrette. These barrettes come in multiple colors, with either silver or gold charm chains. 

SKU: Christy | Price: $59.99
SKU: 7821 | Price: $49.99

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