How-to-wear the Lucy: Volume Top Piece Hair Extension

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Why we want hair with volume

When it comes to first appearances, your hair is your strongest accessory. Everyone has experienced the boost in confidence you feel from those "having a good hair day" moments and more often that not, we don't associate thin or flat hair days to these moments. This is because men and women alike find fuller, thicker hair as more attractive. 

But lets face it; most of us don't wake up with flawless Victoria Secret model hair! The truth is, a woman with glamorous hair with a full set of volume is a woman that has invested her money, her time and her teasing skills in the right hair products and straighteners. 

The problem with hair spray and other styling products is that they may not hold for a long period of time and can create flaky, hard textures that just aren't pretty! Not only that, hair products may add volume but they can't add the effect of a full body of hair we all so desire. For these reasons and more, our Volume Top Piece hair extensions have quickly risen to the top as one of our top-selling hair extensions. 

Lucy Volume Top-Piece  - 100% Human Hair
Model is wearing S08 (Human Hair Color Chart)


In this video, we partnered with the lovely and talented hair stylist Jacqueline Pearce in this step-by-step tutorial to show how quick and easy it is to add more body + volume in as little as 5 minutes! With its unique pull-through design, the top piece is styled at the top of our crown and blended in by pulling through your natural hair through the top piece design. This creates an unbelievably natural look as it is completely disguised with your real hair!  

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Place the Lucy as desired on the crown of your head.

2. Open each of the four comb clips and attach to your hair. 

3. Grab a section at the top and part upwards. Using a thin tail comb, pull through your natural hair out of the top pieces and comb through to style.

4. Repeat this method 2-3 more times to create a more natural blend.

5. Style & Tease as desired.

Why you need a volume top piece

If you don't have a top-piece extension already, you'll be surprised how many women actually do wear in their everyday lives! The beauty of it is that you won't be able to tell that the person next to you is wearing one. But i'll tell you one thing; it is one of top sellers for a reason! ;)

This versatile hair piece can be worn for:

  • Everyday wear
  • Weddings (bridal hair, bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom, wedding guest)
  • Formal occasions (prom, gala, date night, etc)
  • Hair thinning, hair loss, hair balding, etc


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