Normcore: Trend Against Trends

Normcore is normal hardcore.

It's just that. Normcore is fashion in its most unflattering form, stripping away all flamboyant attempts to curate head turning styles. This normcore fashion has continued to rise since 2012 till it was unofficially officiated in February.

     The topic has not died done since in the fashion world being captured daily via articles and photos around the world. Though it is but wearing a half zipped pullover with jean trousers and a nameless white sneaker - curated normal clothes, a size larger - normcore's trend has its attractive features of comfort and effortless normal style... circa 1980s.

     It's a revolutionary movement ladies and gentlemen.  If you have ever been mocked for wearing long white socks or any sock for that matter with slippers, the time to redeem yourselves of the humiliation is now. Who ever said that fashion wasn't for everyone has just been silenced & retired every fashion police. I would have to say though - my favorite part about all this is I now have a reason to follow after my favorite television show of the 90s, Friends.