Euphoria- 8" Hair Topper

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Color: S04: H. Ash Blonde
Base Size:

Meet Euphoria- Our 8" Hair Topper That Leaves You Euphoric! Choose between our two base sizes that both give a natural look while adding volume in all the right places. Each hair is individually embroidered into a scalp-like hair screen for an undetectable look! This scalp-like screen allows you to part the hair topper in any direction to best suit your needs.

Small Base 3"x 5" Topper

Length : 8 Inches

Base Width: 3 Inch 

Base Length: 5 Inch

Weight: 47 Grams

Large Base 5" x 6.5" Topper

Length : 8 Inches

Base Width: 5 Inch 

Base Length: 6.5 Inch

Weight: 72 Grams

  • 100% Remi Human Hair
  • Hand-stitched Individual Hair's On A Monofilament Scalp-Like Body.
  • 4 Clips With Silicone Grip For Zero damage & Maximum Security.
  • Can Be Colored, Heat Styled, & Washed
  • Interchangeable Parting
  • Perfect For Thinning On The Front, Crown, Or Directly On Top Of The Head
  • Can Be Used As A Volume Piece 

Please note if the product is out of stock, pre-orders can take up to 8 weeks.

To Use: Section the area of your hair where you want the topper to sit. If placed directly at the front of the head, leave 1/4 section of hair out. Place the Euphoria Topper directly on top of the head keeping one hand on the middle of the Topper at all times. Using a "scooping" method, scoop each clip ensuring the clip grabs hair. Secure the clips down. Be careful to not "over-scoop". Over-scooping will cause the base of the topper to buckle and not sit flat. The base of the topper should fit snugly on your hair. Blend the left-out hair with the front of the topper. Style & part as desired.

To Care: Wash once every 30-40 wears using gentle shampoo & conditioner. Ensure to wash following the pattern of the hair fall. Comb out when wet & let air dry. We recommend parting the hair topper to match your hair part before air drying. May be blow dried & heat styled for extra volume.

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