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Grandeur Glass Fibre™ flat iron is a one of a kind straightener. Developed due to the frustration of customers and having hair burnt and broken due to flat irons excessive heat and damaging power. This glass fibre ™ flat iron is made with glass fibre plates that layer a protective coating around the ceramic plates to ensure even heat distribution through out the hair shaft. The glass fibre allows the hair to heat up without sucking the moisture out of the hair cuticle, instead locking the hairs natural oils into the hair shaft leaving the hair silky, shiny, and smooth to the touch. Our raving fans have praised the difference in their hair as customers instantly notice the difference of softness and silkiness to their locks as well as there extensions.

Grandeur Glass Fibre™ is our only recommendation for Soho Style Hair Extensions as it will protect you're hair and ensure to keep your extensions feeling healthy and looking fabulous.

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