How to Organize your Hair Extensions & Hair Accessories

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Organizing your Hair Extensions & Hair Accessories

To put it away or to not put it away. Many of us contemplate this every night before we go to bed as we stare at our clothes on the floor. Take your hair clip out, throw it on your night stand. You're probably thinking you will use it in a day or two anyways right? WRONG. Putting things in a "special place" not only keeps them from being lost, it keeps them from getting dirty, getting stepped on , and overall just becoming a mess. Especially when it comes to hair extensions. Here is our top tips to help you organize and store you hair extensions & accessories so that you can keep your locks organized, luscious & tangle free!

Step 1. Removal of Hair Extensions

When the time comes and your day is done, remove your hair extensions or hair pieces. Ensure to brush them out with soho's wired bristle brush starting from the bottom while slowly moving to the top section of the hair. 

If your extension has been used more then 5 times and or has hair spray in it we recommend washing and air drying before storage, simply fill a sink with water and spray soho's organic shampoo through your extension. Squeeze it through from top to bottom, do not harshly rub. Rinse and repeat. Towel dry any excess water. Take your favorite conditioner and let it soak in the extensions for a good few minutes. Once soaked and nourished, rinse. You may towel dry them and lay any pieces flat to dry on the counter or if you have the soho hanger, simply clip them on the hanger and hang them to dry. Another great spot is to hang them on your "over the door" towel hanger which allows them to dry separately. Please ensure any hair extensions are completely dry before putting them away.

Vegan all natural Shampoo

Vegan all natural conditioner

Soho wired hair brush

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Step 2: Storing and organizing your Hair Extensions

 There are many ways to store your hair extensions. Many of  Soho's hair pieces come with some sort of packaging to promote storage. However if you prefer a certain type of storage like a hair bag we sell those separately to. 

The hair bag is one of our favorite storage methods, it comes with a hanger and a garment bag so that you can easily access your extensions while protecting them and keeping them in there original form.  It also has a mini storage pouch at the bottom to store your favorite hair comb, hair elastics, or hair combs to use with your extensions. If you have any of soho's volume pieces it is a good place to stick those into so that they stay organized and protected to.

The hair bag is also a great addition to travel with, its foldable and will protect your hair while allowing you easy access to your extensions at any point. It also fits perfectly in your carry on luggage or purse!

Another great item is our Soho Style hair box. It will hold many hair pieces as it his a thick 2" box with two sections for storage. This is our personal favorite for storing volume pieces, such as "Ali" or "Angela" as well as an excellent storage selection for "Tiffany" , "Rena" or both. (Trust us once you try one you will be counting down the days until the other style is on your doorstep)

The box is a little bit chunkier for travel but still is such a great way to ensure the safety of your products. Especially when it comes to accessories!

Soho Style Purple Hair Box 

Soho Style White Hair Box/Accessories Box 

Soho Style Hair Carrier 


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Step 3: Storing Your Hair Accessories:

When organizing your accessories, we love the idea of displaying them in a unique way while keeping them in a safe place! One of our favorites is using a jewelry box specifically for your hair accessories. 

Small drawers are great for barrettes and combs, while jaws are easy to clip on to parts that would typically hold bracelets or necklaces. Bobby pins and small magnet clips are stored easily wear rings go as they can fit in between the rolled fabric of jewelry boxes. Head bands can also be stored in drawers or separately on a "bracelet holder". Organize your hair accessories by color and style so that even in rushed circumstances you can easily find what you are looking for. Always store your hair accessories and care for them as if they are jewelry to ensure your stones stay intact and to protect all your delicate, hand crafted pieces. Remember we do have a STONE warranty on majority of our hair accessories in case a stone does come out. Please contact our customer service if you are in need of this.

Here is our favorite hair accessories box:

Always ensure to store both your hair extensions & hair accessories in a cool, dark place when not in use. Find the solution and routine that works best for you to allow you to care for your products and create a routine to putting them away when done. This will ensure your luxurious products will stay in beautiful condition and continue to enhance your looks daily. Always remember when you put your goods away you're improving that you value, which by extension improves you. 


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