Practical Ways To Wear Soho Style Hair Combs

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Our top picks how to wear Soho Style Hair Combs

Hair combs are a great addition to any accessory closet, they create versatile styles that are comfortable and long lasting all day, especially Soho's interlocking hair combs. Our combs are designed to interlock together using two separate combs to ensure a secure hold for fine or thick hair. Plus they create instant style perfect for practical or dressy use. Soho Style hair combs come in a variety of sizes and colors that allow for unique looks for each unique individual.

Style 1. Half Up Half Down

Half up half down style is a simple yet elegant way to pull your locks out of your face for the day. Keep a little strand of bang out for a messy, playful look or sweep everything slick back for the perfect chic office style.

To Style: Take a section of your hair at the height of your ears, separate from remaining hair. Twist the hair in a clock wise motion and slightly push up on the base of the twist to give extra volume at the top of your crown.  Flip the first comb so that the curve bump is towards the hair  and sweep the edge of the twist in an outward inward motion with the edge of the hair comb.

Next slide the comb on the scalp (this should be very easy to slide into the hair, you do not want to slide the comb through the twist). On the other side simply take the second comb and "lock" into the first comb.

Check out our "How To" Video on how to style half up half down.

Style 2. French Roll

The french roll style has become our number one. The versatility of the french roll allows you to creates a day to night look effortlessly. Use a jet black comb for a day to day look, then when it comes time to shine add in a sparkly clear set for that wow factor to compliment your outfit!

To Style: Gather all your hair as if you are creating a ponytail. Twist your hair about 2-3 full twists then slightly pull the hair up while using one hand to tuck it "inside" to the base of the twist. Once you tuck the remainder of the ends of the hair in to the twist you may slightly push up on the base of the twist to create volume. Take your first hair comb and flip it so that the curve is facing outside of the twist

  Grab the edge of the twist with the edge of the comb and simply slide in an outward inward motion until you reach the scalp. Next slide the comb on the base of the scalp in towards the twist, take the second comb with the curve of the comb towards the scalp and slide in to the first comb on the opposite side until you feel the "click". Check out the above video for our tutorial!

Style 3: Bun

The bun is the most common style, we have all tried it and most of us make it a part of our daily routines. Many of us style our buns chic and low for a work style or throw it up in a messy look just to have it out of our face for the day. Either way Soho Style hair combs work to secure your bun no matter what your look is! Soho Style hair combs are not just designed for looks but for function, to look beautiful and to ENSURE a secure hold.

To Style: Style your bun as you would. One of our favorite looks is a part in the middle with a "peak a boo" bang framing the face and a messy low bun. When your bun is in the desired position, take one hair comb and grab the edge of your bun.

Use the "out and in" motion and slide the comb on the scalp. Again the comb should easily slide in, do not slide the comb into your bun but rather on the base of your scalp.

 Use the second comb and grab the edge of the bun on the other side of your hair until the two combs "interlock" together.

Style 4: Secure your Ponytail or ponytail extension

Soho Style Hair Combs are a perfect way to accent any ponytail hair style! You can use them to help secure your long Lucius locks so that you do not get the heavy hair headache after a long day or if you just want to look on point with your accessories trend.

To Style: Place your own hair in a ponytail as usual. Once secured with a hair tie take a small chunk from underneath your ponytail and wrap around the elastic. When you have reached the end of the strand simply use the edge of one comb to grab the ends of the hair and push the comb in towards the middle of the base of the ponytail keeping the comb flat against the scalp. Proceed the same with the other side until you feel the "click" sensation.  

For a wrap ponytail extension proceed the same with the "extra" piece of hair you use to wrap around the extension.

Check out our top favorite styles with hair combs, including how to style your ponytail!

Make sure to upload your Soho Style on social media and tag us @sohostyleit

Q's and A's

Does it matter what size of hair comb I choose?

Yes and no. The smallest hair combs are best for doing half up half down styles, and the larger combs for doing all up hair styles. However the large hair combs will still work in fine hair as they interlock together for a very strong hold. The larger hair combs will do all of the styles.

Do I have to wear two hair combs all the time?

No you do not! Most of our hair combs are sold individually however many of our customers like to have the set as you get much more versatility and style options with the pair. They still secure separately to!

Do hair combs work for all hair types?

Yes, our combs are designed for all hair types. When they interlock together they "click" into place. To get them apart you must wiggle them to release the click.

What happens if the combs bend?

All of our hair combs are metal and are meant to bend a little bit, this is how they "click" and interlock together. We do recommend after each use that you straighten each comb out to ensure you keep them in tip top shape!

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